Badboy 189

American Bad Boy x Mountain Man (115-5) x Triple X

Stress Status: Negative
Semen: Semen is not for sale at this time
Housed at: Heimer Hamps
This 189 litter boar was THE one from our Nov-Dec ’15 pig crop. We watched him grow and develop last spring and summer and our expectations for this stud were sky high. His mother is yet another Mountain Man sow that’s made her mark having already produced ‘Dirty Good’, the $43,000 boar from the ‘2015 Chosen Ones sale that currently resides at Smalltown Genetics in California. A littermate to Dirty Good it the mother of our young sire ‘Old Spice’ and if you reach back further, once again you’ll find the Priority One x Black Attack sow family on the bottom side. For whatever reason, fertility has been a challenge with 189 and we don’t have many litters to show for our commitment to using him but the ones we have sure hold a tremendous amount of promise.