Barn Talk x Flat Bill x No Debate x Unreal x Black Oak
Dirty Spice
Dirty Secret x Pinnacle x Contagious (28-8) x Swagger (15-7)
T122 x Colt 45 (137-10) x Swagger (28-10)
T118 x Swagger (12-37) x Black Attack (11-5)
T118 x Verbatim (225-6) x Tapp Datt (Roxy)
Vendetta x Kiss My Hocks x Space Monkey
Short Bus
Swagger x Verbatim x Closet Monster x Priceless
Flat Bill x Point Taken
Giddy Up
Ante Up x Super Monster
Ante Up
Bone Thug x Turbo x Fatal
Dirty 239
Dirty Secret x Hillbilly Bone (74-8) x Swagger (75-9)
Waiver Wire
Best Man x Private Drive x No Mercy
Chaos 105
Chaos x Cookie x Mr Wolf x Empire
Distinct x Sugar Daddy x Priceless
Distinct x Wake Up x Closet Monster x Swagger
Kiss My Socks ‘KMS’
Kiss My Hocks x Colt 45 x Swagger
Thunderstruck x Hillbilly Bone (108-10)
Boot Cut 140
Boot Cut x Hillbilly Bone x Swagger
Honky Tonk 104
Honky Tonk Kid x Spiritual Warfare x Red Bone
Decked Out
Distinct x Visionary x On Top
Black Out 110
Black Out x 59-10 :: Shotgun Wedding x Bar None (27-1) x Man in Black
Black Label
Black Out x Mr Skinny Legs x Wanted x Man in Black
Droppin’ Swag
Swagger x (Drop Shot x Double Cross)
Paparazzi x Rated R x Fatal Attraction
Magnum 22
Score x McRib
Ante Up x Hillbilly Bone
In Control x Empire x Anchor
DS 163
Droppin' Swag x (Crazy Bone x Net Worth) **Dam is littermate to Take Notice
Full Strut
Swagger x Grimm’s Gem x Head On
Outta Sight
Outta Hand 235 x Fortune x Big Stick
Wrecking Ball x Point Maker
All Swag
Swagger x Coon
American Bad Boy
Hillbilly Bone x Super Monster
Colt 45 x Hillbilly Bone x Triple Bar 7
.96 Caliber
Swagger x Super Monster
AU 143
Ante Up x Mountain Man (119-5) x Swagger
Colt 45 x Gone Viral x Space Monkey 17-4
Badboy 189
American Bad Boy x Mountain Man (115-5) x Triple X
Droppin’ Swag x Mountain Man x Black Attack
Boot Cut
Kiss My Hocks x 97-10 (Swagger x Super Monster x Spud)
Brother Colt
Swagger x Super Monster
Cash Flow
Bone Buzz x Crazy Bone x Net Worth **Take Notice Littermate Sister
Captain Morgan
Bone Thug x 9 to 5 x (Big Bucks x Doolittle Raid)
Closet Monster
Super Monster x Cowboy Up x Real Serious
Colt 45
Swagger x Super Monster
Gone Viral x 8-1 Show Me's Dam (Camel Toes x Big Time x Space Monkey)
Super Cow (Super 7 x Pump it Up) x Color Blind
Kiss My Hocks x 85-12 (Gone Viral x Swagger x Black Attack)
Double Trouble
Droppin' Swag x Window Bill
Fat Tire
Iconic 49-6 x 2-9 Swagger
Contagious x Colt 45 x Camel Toes
Colt 45 x Camel Toes x (Big Time x Space Monkey 17-4)
HB 3-4
Hillbilly Bone x Space Monkey x Monkey Breath
Homegrown x Unreal x Black Oak
Kiss My Hocks
Xtra Swag x 1-2 :: Monster Pipe x Space Monkey x Tapp Datt's Dam
Old Spice
Swagger x One of a Kind x Mountain Man (115-5)
Magic Man
Magic Touch x Toxic 134-3 x Candy
Massive Monster
Monster Pipe x Big Shot
Hillbilly Bone x Armageddon x Hillbilly Bone x Doolittle Raid x 7up
Part II
Unwanted x Warfare **Bone Thug's Dam
Point Taken x Titleist
Point Taken
Augusta x Jumbo
Rise Up
Ante Up x Swagger
Spitting Image
Iconic 49-6 x Warfare
Rated R x Super Monster
Stop Talking
Stop Me x Judgment Day x Beast
Point Taken x The Judge **Clone of 2013 Grand Barrow @ Denver
Take Notice x Final Drive x Empire x Anchor
Wrecking Ball x Consensus x Judgment Day x Beast
Best Shot x Buck Fifty
Swagger x 76-3 (Priority One x Black Attack)
Walk This Way
Homemade 17-4 x Judgement Day
White Walker
Mr. Wolf x Empire x Anchor
Wrecking Ball
Eye Opener x Point Taken