Stop Talking

Stop Me x Judgment Day x Beast

Breed: Hampshire
Semen: $200/dose
Owned By: Hi Point Genetics & Heimer Hampshires
Housed At: Hi Point Genetics

Description: Reserve Grand Champion Hamp Boar, 2013 Indiana State Fair. Critics of the Hampshire breed often point to structure and soundness, or lack thereof as the biggest problems facing the breed. Hopefully those same critics were at the Indiana State Fair Show.Stop Talking was the one that ended up Reserve in a very competitive show to “No Debate”. He comes from Heimer Hampshires and shares the same dam as the Champion Boar at ’12 WPX (Walk This Way) and High Points Overall Barrow ’12 IJSC. His dam, the Judgement Day x Beast sow at Heimer Hampshires will rival any in terms of true heaviness of skeleton and she’s proven her ability to generate the same. Sire and dam pedigree combined results in 3 direct shots of the 44 litter Black Oak sow, a sow that continues to influence modern day Hampshires. If bone, foot size and flexibility are priorities without sacrificing width and muscle, Stop Talking about it and use this boar with confidence. This boar has the ability to silence the critics in one generation.