Heimer Hampshires is Always Looking for Talented Individuals to Join our Crew

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Looking for an experienced, self-motivated and hardworking individual who has desire to work diligently in the pursuit of raising highly competitive show cattle. Interested candidates should have working knowledge of cattle including feeding, breeding, vaccinating and diagnosing illness. Pay will be based on experience.


The first cows were bought in 2014 to fulfill a dream of raising competitive show cattle. Cow purchases outpaced available grazing acres until December of 2019 when the Brown farm was purchased to provide a long term home for the cowherd. While still a work in progress, the HH Cattle operation has made markable strides in the last 12 months and is poised for future success.

Now Hiring - Cow Herd Manager

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  • Please list current employer and how long you have been employed. If none, please list n/a.
  • Please list all experience related to livestock production - including past and present employment and/or association with any aspect of the cattle and/or swine industry.
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