Heimer Hampshires is Always Looking for Talented Individuals to Join our Crew

Current Available Positions

  1. Spring Semester Work Experience: 
    Heimer Hampshires is seeking a college student to fill our spring intern position. If you have an interest in the show pig business and are looking to gain work experience from a spring semester internship, this position could be a great fit. Our spring intern will have the opportunity to work in every aspect of our show pig and cattle operations. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, daily farm chores, working in the boar barn lab and show barn, farrowing and even calving. Pay will be based on effort, experience and time spent at the farm.
  • Name - Phone - Email
  • Name - Phone - Email
  • Please list current employer and how long you have been employed. If none, please list n/a.
  • *If applying for Christmas Break Work Experience - Please list potential Start Date & End Date of your availability.* *If applying for the spring internship, please list potential start date and end date of your availability and if applicable, any pertinent details about your school-sponsored work experience/internship program.*
  • Please list any degrees or formal training received and/or describe the education you are currently pursuing.
  • Describe your goals and expectations for a work experience at HH.
  • Please list all past internships, including job title and description. If applying for another position, please put N/A.
  • Please list all experience related to livestock production - including past and present employment and/or association with any aspect of the cattle and/or swine industry.
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