Welcome to the 2020 edition of “The Ones That Built the Brand!”

Welcome to the 2020 edition of “The Ones That Built the Brand!” This is the fourth time we’ve assembled our best and most proven sows to offer them at auction and we can say with confidence, they’re as good as they’ve ever been! I am excited about this offering, but I am THRILLED to welcome […]

Opportunity doesn’t knock twice

There are plenty of phrases, quotes and sayings about opportunity. Chances are, you’ve read one recently when scrolling through your feed on Instagram or Facebook. I’ve read several that are really good, but for me, this one is always rings true: Opportunity doesn’t knock twice. It was February when we were approached by another firm […]

2015-2016 AcHHiever :: Robert O. Smasne

Heimer Hampshires has selected Robert O. Smasne of Prosser, Washington as the 2015-2016 AcHHeiver. Robert O. Smasne, a 4th generation farmer, was born and raised in the agriculturally diverse Yakima Valley in the Eastern portion of Washington State. His passion for raising showpigs started at an early age and can be credited to his dad, who has actively raised showpigs […]

Where Are They Now :: Shelby Sutter

Shelby Sutter Graduated High School, 2010 Graduated Rieman College of Nursing, 2014 Currently Nurse at Jasper County Emergency Room, Rensselaer, IN Just like many of the Heimer Hamps former showmen, Shelby truly learned the value of hard work and quickly saw that she got back what she put into her projects. “The harder I worked […]

Where Are They Now :: Kimberlee Gieseker

Kimberlee Gieseker Graduated, 2012 Currently Designer and in Ad Sales for Mid MO Trader Kimberlee feels that kids involved in showing consistently develop a drive and ambition to be better in all aspects of their life, and she was no different. Her time in the show ring taught her a work ethic that has only […]

Where Are They Now :: Deekota Williams

Deekota Williams Graduated in May of 2014 Currently attending North Eastern Oklahoma A&M in Miami, OK and Judging Livestock Deekota thinks that showing is one of the best things that kids can do in their life. He felt that a unique thing he learned from showing was to be responsible and care for something other […]

HH Proven Sow Dispersal

SOW ORDER BY DUE DATE   Welcome to a powerful set of proven showpig-producing sows! 2015 marks the ninth year since we bought a few gilts and reentered the business and wow – what a ride it’s been! This is such an incredible time to be involved in the showpig industry. Enthusiasm for raising and showing pigs has […]