WhereAreTheyNow-Kimberlee-GiesekerKimberlee Gieseker
Graduated, 2012
Currently Designer and in Ad Sales for Mid MO Trader

Kimberlee feels that kids involved in showing consistently develop a drive and ambition to be better in all aspects of their life, and she was no different. Her time in the show ring taught her a work ethic that has only grown stronger with age and helped push her to be better in her career and life.

“I feel like showing changed my entire life. The people that you meet are good people who believe in hard work and have family values and strong ethics. I learned so much from showing, not just about livestock, but also about myself. I enjoyed the success I had and even though I was not in the champion circle every time. I still learned something at every show. I met different people in different states and made friends that will last a lifetime.”

Most Memorable HH Moment:  The NJSA show in Perry, Georgia where I showed the Champion Hampshire Gilt from Jesse and had the Reserve Gilt Overall. It was a great show and great trip and the farthest I have ever been away from home. I met a lot of very nice people there and the southern hospitality there was amazing! Everyone was so very nice.