wherearetheynow-williamsDeekota Williams
Graduated in May of 2014
Currently attending North Eastern Oklahoma A&M in Miami, OK and Judging Livestock

Deekota thinks that showing is one of the best things that kids can do in their life. He felt that a unique thing he learned from showing was to be responsible and care for something other than just himself. It was the beginning of really understanding the importance of a good work ethic.

“Showing taught me to work hard for something I want and has given me a step forward in the agriculture industry, which I wish to be involved in for the rest of my life. It has also showed me that I can have a career in this field and help others, especially kids, to do the same and to appreciate the importance of agriculture.”

Most Memorable HH Moment:  I met Jesse Heimer in a rather odd way. We were at the Circle of Gold Sale in El Reno, OK. Watching the sale with my dad, everything was going way out of our price range. Walking back through the sift hogs one last time, a blue hog with a red mark down his back caught my eye. Jesse owned the hog and told me he would take $300 for it. We could only do $150 and Jesse agreed to help me out and it was the start of our relationship. That blue hog ended up being the 3rd Overall at the Black and Gold jackpot and was my first time to ever make the sale at OYE.