catalog-side-imageWelcome to a powerful set of proven showpig-producing sows! 2015 marks the ninth year since we bought a few gilts and reentered the business and wow – what a ride it’s been! This is such an incredible time to be involved in the showpig industry. Enthusiasm for raising and showing pigs has never been higher and the demand for the very best has never been greater. With each passing year we’ve seen the value of boars, barrows, gilts and sows continue to escalate and all indicators suggest we haven’t seen the ceiling yet. We are excited to be a part of this industry and we look forward to to continuing to support the programs and causes that make it happen.

From the very beginning, our first goal was to assemble a sowherd we could be proud of. At times, our approach could be defined as aggressive, but we were committed to building around females, retaining their daughters and putting our faith in the best genetics we could find. Perhaps, our tipping point came a few years ago when we flew to Texas and purchased half of the Frank Davis sowherd. Looking back, the sows we acquired, the marketing opportunity we gained and the attention it brought to our operation was all part of the package and we’re sure glad we did it. The decision to buy those sows was one of the best we ever made. Thanks, Frank!

The first question many of you are asking is, “Why are we selling so many sows?” That’s a valid question and honestly there are several reasons, but realistically, our rapid growth and steadfast approach to gilt retention has overstepped our capacity. We could opt to take the more traditional
approach and sell more gilts but we see an opportunity to share our best and our most proven while they’re in their prime. It wasn’t an easy decision, but once we decided to sell sows we drew the line and committed to selling all of the proven sows born in 2010, 2011 & 2012.

We spent a lot of time trying to give this sale a name and we kept coming back to the word ‘Proven’. We truly believe all of these sows are proven and in the pages to follow we will do our best to tell you why. We wanted this offering to be unmatched in depth of quality and we can’t help but compare this opportunity to the one we had when we flew to Texas. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these sows have paved the way for our success and quite literally, it was the sows on the pages of this catalog that built the HH brand.