Heimer Hampshires Rewards Program Banner

In the past few years, the Heimer Hampshires Rewards Program has paid out several thousand dollars in credit for county, state and national winners.

Congratulations to all of our awards recipients and their families. We appreciate your support of our program and wish you continued success throughout your show career.




  • $2,500 to Overall Grand Champions
  • $1,500 to Overall Reserve Grand Champions
  • $500 to Breed Champions
  • $250 to Reserve Breed Champions
  • Class winners will receive anĀ #HHWinner T-Shirt
  • $250 to Overall Grand Champions
  • $100 to Overall Reserve Grand Champions
  • Class Winners & Division Champion will receive an #HHWinner T-Shirt


  • Effective September 1st, 2011 – all $$ awards are for HH Buying Credit, either through one of our Online offerings, or private treaty sales at the farm.
  • Wnning animal must have been purchased from Heimer Hampshires.
  • A color photo from the show is required in order to recieve the award.
  • Pig identification (ear notch) of winner must match the identification of said pig when purchased from HH.
  • Eligibility is based on livestock project being associated with a youth or junior show.
  • Jackpot & prospect shows do not qualify.
  • Rewards are limited to 1 reward per winning showpig; a winning showpig will not be eligible for more than 1 reward