Kiss My Socks ‘KMS’

Kiss My Hocks x Colt 45 x Swagger

Stress Status: Negative
Housed at: Heimer Hamps
Semen: $350 Dose *New Price for Spring 2018*

TO ORDER SEMEN, CONTACT: Karl Peter (217) 653-3941 *text when possible

They always say only the good die young and its more evident all the time, Kiss My Hocks died way too soon. He was generating true to his kind and even though we didn’t get to use him nearly as much as we planned, we were fortunate to retain an awesome group of daughters and we’ll keep moving forward using his sons. Kiss My Socks came from the second to last litter of KMH’s ever born here. He was a late September baby that wasn’t ready for our November pig sale and in the end, wasn’t going to be big enough to compete at OYE. This boar did spend some time in Oklahoma, won his lightweight class at a couple of jackpots and eventually came back to HH when it was overwhelmingly apparent that he needed to breed sows. If you study his pedigree very long you’ll realize this one is very linebred and you can’t hide the Swagger traits because they always seem to shine the brightest. He has and continues to see very heavy use here at HH. KMS had an incredible summer siring barrows and gilts that were successful at every level of competition. While we continue to use him as much as we can, we’ve decided to make him available to the public and semen can be booked on a first come, first served basis.


Mother of KMS


Young KMS