Kiss My Hocks

Xtra Swag x 1-2 :: Monster Pipe x Space Monkey x Tapp Datt's Dam

Stress Status: Carrier
$500/dose *Contract Pricing Available
Owned With: Billy Wolf
Housed At: Stohlquist Showpigs

Description: Over the past couple of years we’ve seen several really good show barrows from the Soileau firm show in Texas and when they offered a daughter of their key Space Monkey sow online, we bought her as a baby. This sow’s pedigree reads Monster Pipe x Space Monkey x Tapp Datt’s mom and after evaluating our boar options at breeding time, Xtra Swag seemed like a great fit genetically and phenotypically. Xtra Swag was a Swagger x Tapp Datt x Swagger’s sister and the opportunity to combine several key barrow sires, especially lining up Tapp Datt and effectively his dam was intriguing. There are lots of reasons to love this boar but perhaps none more than his uncanny ability to reach and drive with authority off his rear two. Most who’ve seen him marvel at the size of his back, the width at his pins and his ability to maintain squareness from his pins all the way to the ground. His size is perfect and his center body advantage over most bred this way allowed him to flesh on demand. His ability to drive with an extra gear and the patented Swagger look earned him the name, “Kiss My Hocks” the name made famous by the racehorse that took the Quarter Horse world by storm in 2014. Soundness, squareness, look and balance – without sacrificing Bone, Muscle and Width – have never been more important than they are right now and this boar is right for the time!