Walk This Way

Homemade 17-4 x Judgement Day

Breed: Hampshire
Stress Status: Negative
Semen: $200/dose
Bred By: Heimer Hamps
Owned By: Grinstead Show Team & Heimer Hamps
Housed At: Hi Point Genetics
To Purchase Semen Contact: Hi Point Genetics 877.247.3636

Description: Walk this Way was the Champion and $11,500 Top Selling Boar at the WPX. He is the first son of Homemade 17-4 to hit the show ring and his mother is one of Heimer’s most impressive Hampshire sows.

His pedigree does not include Augusta or Model T which makes him an attractive option for many of today’s Hampshire pedigrees. To add to his credibility, his littermate barrow, shown by Samuel Gardner, has been the Champion Hampshire Barrow and consistently in the top 5 all season on the Indiana Jackpot Circuit.

This boar commanded the ring in Des Moines with bone, muscle and width in a square, sound package – traits of a true Hampshire sire. His length of body and added extension up front should make him an ideal choice to make Hampshire females. Regardless of your focus, if you’re trying to make better Hampshires, we think you should ‘Walk this Way!’