Black Out 110

Black Out x 59-10 :: Shotgun Wedding x Bar None (27-1) x Man in Black

Breed: Berkshire
Bred by:
Heimer Hamps
Stress Status: Negative
Registration #: 141411002
House at: Heimer Hamps
Semen Status: $250/dose
TO ORDER SEMEN, CONTACT: Karl Peter (217) 653-3941 *text when possible


The best one from our deepest litter in the Summer 2016 Crop. Sired by Black Out, the Non Typical son we sold to Armstrong’s and out of 59-10, the only stress negative 59 litter sow. A littermate 110 litter gilt was 7th Overall in the highly competitive Berk drive at OYE and it took $6,000 to get her back to Taylor, MO. We love this boar and we’re beyond excited to use him to compound the 27-1 influence in our herd.
**Dam brought $8500 in the Built the Brand Sale in June ’17


Mother of Black Out 110

Mother of Black Out 110


Littermate of Black Out 110