Jail Tats

Prophet x Cloud 9 x Here and Now

Breed: Yorkshire
Registration #: 574182003
Housed at: Upperhand Genetics
Semen: $250/dose

TO ORDER SEMEN, CONTACT: Upperhand (260) 224-6464


Jail Tats is now at HH! It’s always funny how things come full circle. In the summer of 2015, James Backman bought a boar (Dirty Good) in our Chosen Ones Sale and when his rig showed up to pick up that boar, we had the opportunity to see a young Yorkshire boar on the trailer that Kade Hummel had located in Illinois. He was intriguing then, especially when we found out he was bred by Stohlquist and a littermate to the Grand Overall Barrow at the ’15 NJSS in Louisville.  Even further, his dam came from Kevin Ricker and his pedigree contains several elite Yorkshire sows from more than one Yorkshire breeder. We finally had a chanceto get one of our best sows bred to him last fall and the December litter born here resulted in the 3rd Overall York Gilt and a class-winning Barrow at the WPX in June. We saw enough in that one litter that we wanted to see more and we’re very grateful to James for allowing this one to come back to the Midwest. This herd boar is making us like Yorkshires again!
3rd Overall York Gilt at ’17 WPX Junior National

3rd Overall York Gilt at ’17 WPX Junior National