White Privilege

Cookie x Mr Wolf x Empire x Anchor

Sold to Top Cut in the June sale
Stress Status: Negative
Housed at: Top Cut Genetics
Contact: Top Cut Genetics at 888-486-7288 for semen availability

Just sired the Grand Overall Barrow at the 2017 Indiana State Fair 

WP is sired by Cookie, the Droppin’ Swag son at Real McCoy that sold in a Fall Edition of the Chosen Ones and has done an incredible job siring barrows. Cookie continues a remarkable run as a barrow sire having sired the Champion York at Tulsa and just recently, the Champion & Reserve York Barrows at Fort Worth. Cookie’s dam is Final Drive x Empire x Anchor and WP’s dam is a Mr Wolf x Empire x Anchor – its been awfully nice to have the Empire x Anchor sow on both sides of WP’s pedigree. We have used this boar very hard here and he’ll continue to see heavy use across the board. On gilts, he’s our go-to choice for farrowing ease, color diversity and sheer quality. He will sire belts on belted sows, solid white on York sows and lots of calico color if the sow has red. So far, we haven’t figured out the perfect type match – we just reach for the bottle when the good sows are in heat!  Our most loyal customers are excited about the WP prospects in their barns and are strongly encouraging us to keep using him. Perhaps down the road he’ll be best known as a female sire. We just finished breeding our first set of daughters and the future looks very bright!!