Wide Open

Pick 6 x Visionary x Touchdown

Bred By: WD Swine Farm
Stress Status: Negative
Owned with: 4K Farms & Real McCoy Genetics
TO ORDER SEMEN, CONTACT: Real McCoy Genetics at 740-437-7478


Wide Open was our $20,000 purchase at the 2016 Fall Classic from WD Swine Farm. We bought this boar is partnership with our friends at 4K Farms & Real McCoy Genetics. Surprisingly, Kirk, Mike and I all fell in love with this boar for different reasons and it is going to be fun to see the results. We all committed to using him late fall and anticipate our first pigs in Late-March / early-April. Wide Open’s sire is out of ‘HH Fantasy’, a gilt that Ryan Watje purchased online from HH a couple years ago. She’s a PM 72-7 out of 7-3, the Super Monster x Spud mother most famously known as Colt 45’s mother. ‘HH Fantasy’ was absolutely the best female we ever let leave out of that sow and for us, it only made sense to reach back to those genetics. On the bottom side, Wide Open’s mother is a littermate to Callin’ Dibs at Upperhand, one of Ryan’s up-and-coming sows and a female he considers one of the best he’s raised. We have an incredible amount of faith in the WD breeding program and we appreciate Ryan putting this one together and taking him to Duncan. Perhaps someday semen will be available but for now, the three of us are keeping this young herdsire booked up!