Herd Boars

Kiss My Socks ‘KMS’
Kiss My Hocks x Colt 45 x Swagger
Distinct x Sugar Daddy x Priceless
Jail Tats
Prophet x Cloud 9 x Here and Now
Click 285
The Click x Carry On x Consensus
Thunderstruck x Hillbilly Bone (108-10)
AU 143
Ante Up x Mountain Man (119-5) x Swagger
Boot Cut 140
Boot Cut x Hillbilly Bone x Swagger
Decked Out
Distinct x Visionary x On Top
Black Out 110
Black Out x 59-10 :: Shotgun Wedding x Bar None (27-1) x Man in Black
Black Label
Black Out x Mr Skinny Legs x Wanted x Man in Black
Triple Threat x Kentucky Lovin’
Wide Open
Pick 6 x Visionary x Touchdown
Old Spice
Swagger x One of a Kind x Mountain Man (115-5)
Badboy 189
American Bad Boy x Mountain Man (115-5) x Triple X
Droppin’ Swag
Swagger x (Drop Shot x Double Cross)
Paparazzi x Rated R x Fatal Attraction
Magnum 22
Score x McRib

Partner Boars

White Privilege
Cookie x Mr Wolf x Empire x Anchor
Outta Sight
Outta Hand 235 x Fortune x Big Stick
Vendetta x Kiss My Hocks x Space Monkey
Trigger x Outtahand
Short Bus
Swagger x Verbatim x Closet Monster x Priceless
American Bad Boy
Hillbilly Bone x Super Monster
Black Out
Non Typical x Mr Twister x Walk the Dog
In Control x Empire x Anchor
Boot Cut
Kiss My Hocks x 97-10 (Swagger x Super Monster x Spud)
Kiss My Hocks x 85-12 (Gone Viral x Swagger x Black Attack)
Flat Bill x Point Taken
Wrecking Ball x Point Maker
Ante Up x Hillbilly Bone
Giddy Up
Ante Up x Super Monster
DS 163
Droppin' Swag x (Crazy Bone x Net Worth) **Dam is littermate to Take Notice
Ante Up
Bone Thug x Turbo x Fatal
Full Strut
Swagger x Grimm’s Gem x Head On
Colt 45
Swagger x Super Monster