The past couple of years have been an absolute whirlwind and there are many folks who deserve thanks and credit for where we’ve been and where we’re going. As this business continues to evolve, so does our approach. The decision to sell boars online earlier this year as “The Chosen Few was met with more acceptance than we could’ve ever imagined. Those three boars sold well, performed well and were popular sires during the Spring breeding season. Combined with Full Strut, Colt 45, All Swag and others, HH-bred boars have been well represented all fall as sires of showpigs that have been in high demand by breeders and feeders alike. heimer-boarbanner2

As a breeder, it’s been rewarding to see HH genetics in action for so many. It was never a goal to place any emphasis on selling boars but the truth is, growing boars goes hand in hand with building a breeding program and as our sowherd has grown, so has the necessity to use our own genetics. We haven’t found the time or made the commitment to retain boars on the farm for our own use. Instead, we leave that to the professionals. To date, we’ve made all of our boars available to those who are focused on collecting boars and selling semen or at the very least, breeding sows. As a result, we’ve had a great relationship with many different breeders and boars studs that have been willing to work together towards a common goal. From our perspective, it’s been successful for both sides.

The decision to sell this set of boars today as “Those Chosen Oneswas not a master plan put into action. It was simply the approach taken to offer 8 boars that I truly believe offer genetic value to this business. While this approach to selling these boars may be ‘new school’, our approach to raising them was definitely ‘old school’. These boars are not ready for a show and certainly were never fed for a show, however, they were bred, retained and grown always considering the possibility that they may be a herdboar someday. There’s a reason they were ‘chosen’ and hopefully you will take the time to read the descriptions and understand why. You’ll notice the pedigrees mean more to me than they may for some, but I always prefer to leave the evaluating and detailed descriptions to the experts because at the end of the day, there hasn’t been a perfect one and there probably never will. These boars aren’t perfect and but I believe they’re bred to achieve some great things and I’m excited to offer them to the public.

Thank you for reading this and thank you to each of you who have either been a customer or have used our genetics over the past several months. Your success is truly what fuels our fire and inspires us to achieve.


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