It’s hard to believe that it’s time to load and head south for the Breeder’s Best Pig Sale in Bullard, Texas. It wasn’t long ago when we were mating sows in the spring, merely thinking about the fall sale season and now its here. Time flies on a pig farm! Think about it…it only takes 114 days to determine if you used the wrong boar and another 6 months to see if the sow can carry him.



12-4 :: Twin Turbo x Big Debate x Fatal

In all seriousness, I am extremely excited about our consignments to the sale this year. I’ll start with the 12 litter, sired by Twin Turbo @ Hi Point and out of a Big Debate x Fatal sow. The sire, Twin has generated all kinds of excitement for Hi Point and those who’ve used him. The dam is a daughter of 13-8, the Fatal sow purchased by Stohlquist who’s quickly establishing herself as one of his cornerstone sows. The 12 litter is extremely deep but this much I can promise…we’re hauling the BEST 2 males and the BEST 2 females to the sale. They don’t call it ‘Breeder’s Best’ for nothing! The 2 males are exciting prospects and yes, they’re intact. You decide if they need to be boars or barrows. I think the 2 gilts hold a lot of promise and they’re from one of our best sow families.


41-3 :: Space Monkey x York :: Dam of 19’s

The 19’s… Where to start? Their dam (pictured) was an original Frank Davis sow that established herself at Mauck Show Hogs in Indiana. When they decided to offer her as a bred in December, I did not hesitate. I bought her for 2 reasons; 1 – Space Monkey daughters are a treasure and 2 – She was built perfect for Swagger. I guess you can say this litter was planned in December 2011 – before any of the Swagger’s won – and wow did it work. I love these 3 barrows and I’m anxious to see what the buying public thinks in Texas.



23-5 :: Swagger x Priceless x Fatal

It took a farm visit from Mr. Dildine to make the decision to offer 23-5 for sale. Her littermate barrow brought $9200 in our first online sale of the year and he didn’t sell that well on accident. They’re both full sibs in blood – dams are littermates – to the Reserve Grand Barrow @ San Antonio and the $12,500 Reserve Grand Prospect Gilt @ Duncan. Her granddam is 26-2, the cornerstone Fatal sow purchased from Frank Davis. I really hate selling gilts like this and I’ll probably be second guessing my decision the entire 14 hours it takes to get from Taylor MO to Bullard TX, but again, its the Breeder’s Best and I’m taking that to heart.


35-3 :: Solid Monster x Heat Wave x Hitmaker

All of our early August barrows will sell in our next online sale on October 11th EXCEPT this pair of 35’s. This is our oldest litter out of Solid Monster and we’ve been watching these from day 1. The dam is a young Heat Wave daughter of the old Hitmaker sow from Frank that resides at Stohlquist. In her first litter she produced the Champion Heavy Cross at Missouri this summer. I’m not sure which barrow is best…come to the sale and decide.

I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Its an honor and privilege to be a part of the Breeder’s Best sale and I’d like to thank Stu and the folks at LHR Livestock for the opportunity. I’m confident we’re hauling a great set and hopefully you agree. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about our offering. You can view them all at www.

See you in Bullard!

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    1. Hi Wayne – Our consignments for the sale in Stamford, Tx (Battle for the Banner) are now posted. In addition, our online offering for the October 25th sale will be posted soon. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or text. Thanks, Jesse

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